Bristling Swans go the biff

SportingNews have reported that two players from the Swans went the biff after the the grand final loss. They’ve failed to mention any names and have tentatively linked the cancelling of Swans events to the bust up.

Word is starting to seep out that the Swans cancelled their post match meet’n’greets due to some serious fighting within the player group soon after Saturday’s grand final loss.

And when we say fighting, we mean fighting –fisticuffs and all – and more than one little skirmish.

But in a true example of investigative journalism, they failed to do a google search to find out whether or not the Swans had already made it clear that they were going to cancel the fan events, or even read the AFL Grand Final record, which had noted the events being cancelled.

But football manager Tom Harley said this year the Swans had made their plans known from the outset.

“It was always the plan to not have the fan day if we lost,” Harley said.

Until the club reports on this, let’s just treat it like the shit that it is.

I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbet.



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