Josh Kennedy wins third Bob Skilton club champion award

Josh Kennedy wins third Bob Skilton club champion award

Josh Kennedy has won his third Bob Skilton club champion award after an outstanding 2016 season and absurdly good finals series. The three time winner just beat out Daniel Hannebery by 9 votes in one of the closest votes of recent Swans history. The three time winner earned his third All Australian call up in a stellar midfield alongside Hannebery, and played his 3rd grand final after moving north from Hawthorn in 2010.

Daniel Hannebery was upbeat with finish runners-up, positively reflecting on his performance throughout the season, as well as his improvement as a player since he debuted as an 18 year old year 12 student.

Heath Grundy finished above fellow All Australian’s Luke Parker, Dane Rampe and Lance Franklin to finish top 3 in the count. His season was outstanding and was stiff to miss out on the 40 player All Australian squad, but took his performance to another level, absolutely dominating his opponents, with 0 goals kicked on him by Patton and Jenkins, and just 1 by Hawkins.

Josh Kennedy was delighted with his third club championship. When asked about winning it again, he said that it could have gone to any number of players.

I certainly thought it could have gone to a number of guys… I’m in awe of the way they go about it, I take a lot away from them the way they go about it and train

There’s no doubt if we play out best footy we’re up there with the best.

Josh Kennedy’s finals series was absolutely ridiculous. While his career averages are 26 disposals throughout the season and 29 during the finals, he was enormous in the 2016 finals series. After seeing stars and against GWS, he returned to still be one of the best on field, and was the Swans best on ground in the remaining 3 matches.

When asked about his passion for football and the emotion of it, he reflected on the challenges that Kieren Jack overcame and the impact that emotion had, and the impact it had on his own performances.

I’m not too sure, I don’t think about it too much, I love the game, I love playing footy[sic], I grew up watching finals footy, you have to allow a little bit of emotion to get in there.

It’s not a bad thing to enjoy the moment and try to soak it up. I’m very fortunate to come to the Swans to play with those great players around me.

I’m very humbled to be here, it’s been an amazing year, I’m so grateful again for the opportunity the club gave me 7 years ago I’m so glad to be apart of this group of players.

The top 10 was a close finish with little surprise that Heath Grundy, Dane Rampe and Nick Smith featured strongly.

  1. Josh Kennedy 992
  2. Daniel Hannebery 913
  3. Heath Grundy 865
  4. Luke Parker 834
  5. Dane Rampe 833
  6. Lance Franklin 827
  7. Jake Lloyd 684
  8. Tom Mitchell 672
  9. Nick Smith 622
  10. Kieren Jack 601

Well done to all the Swans player this year on a fantastic season.

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