Richards requests trade

Richards requests trade

Swan’s grand finalist and younger brother to Swans champion Ted Richards, Xavier Richards has requested a trade. The club has confirmed the request after contract talks broke down, having worked towards an extension with both player and manager throughout the season.

“We’ve been in discussions with Xavier’s management through the back end of the year and to this point we haven’t been able to come to terms,” Harley said.

“We will work with Xavier and his management to find a mutually beneficial outcome.”

After starting his career as a defender and playing 2 games in his first 3 years, the 23 year old played 10 games for the club this season, including the grand final. During the season, he was remodeled into a forward after spending his junior years, and his senior career as a defender.

His athleticism and marking ability was key in wins leading up to the finals, as well as chiming in with important goals during the finals.

Best of luck Xavier Richards.


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