Swans wreak havoc on trade deadline day

Swans wreak havoc on trade deadline day

Update – Tom Harley’s media conference

The Swans have dug deep into their pockets, joined in the rancour that is #deadlineday and pulled an ace from their pocket.

Surprisingly, the Swans were active on the last day of trade week, wheeling and dealing their way up the food chain. First working with GWS to swap a bunch of picks, then having robbed Paul with Mitchell, decided to pay their debt Peter with picks 14, 17 and 31, Port sending 9, 19 and 49 back.

No doubt bewitched by the scandalous behaviour of Hawthorn, never disclosing their trading secrets, the weapon of attrition, the Swans decided they had to get involved, better to die trying than die doing nothing.

In a draft considered shallow for KPP depth and loaded with midfielders, moving as far up the draft order is incredibly important. The Swans most likely won’t use any of their 1st or 2nd round picks on academy selections.

After all is said and done, the Swans improved their initial selection to 9 from 17, even though they received 14 from Hawthorn for Mitchell. Moving as high as they can to claim a big player is incredibly important, with the Swans light on for tall depth in the ruck and forward line.

Swans draft order:
1st Round: 9
2nd Round: 19
3rd Round: 46, 49, 52
5th Round: 93 (likely pass)
6th Round: 111 (likely pass)



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