Swans set for ANZAC blockbuster with GWS

Swans set for ANZAC blockbuster with GWS

The Swans are set to renew rivalries with the upstart kids across the ANZAC bridge in round 5 at the SCG. In a boon for the AFL, the two Sydney based teams finished top 4 in 2016. GWS beat the Swans in the first final, while the Swans made the grand final after remembering to turn up in their matches, and the Dogs narrowly beat GWS in an epic preliminary final.

Cue references to the absurdly named Battle of the Bridge, thanks Kevin for that. Don’t need parrots like David King and Derrwayne repeating it. While the teams generated little interest over 2 seasons ago, because GWS were shit, the AFL are licking their lips at the prospect of both Sydney teams once again finishing at the top of the ladder.

The fixture promises to be an epic derby, with the Swans winning most of their games at the SCG, and GWS hosting the reverse fixture at Spotless later in the year. Tom Harley spoke to The Herald Sun about the ANZAC day clash.

“The Swans and GWS have played in some big games in the past, the rivalry is clearly building and this match will be another fierce contest,” Swans football manager Tom Harley said.

“With the game being played on a Saturday night at the SCG in ANZAC round it will hold extra significance for all involved.”

Over 60,000 fans watched the first final between both clubs this year. With the special significance of ANZAC day, let’s hope that football fans aren’t tired by the evening, after what should be another epic game between Collingwood and Essendon in the afternoon.


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