Swans selling the big issue

Swans selling the big issue

Sydney Swans players will be out selling The Big Issue this week, to support the street magazine’s homeless and disadvantaged vendors. Birthday boy Harry Cunningham (23 on Dec 6) and rookies Sam Murray and Tyrone Leonardis will join players from 7 other sporting clubs across three different football clubs around Australia.

You can always buy a copy every day of the week to support the disadvantaged, and today I’ve got mine. Each issue is worth $7, with $3.50 going back to the vendor. More than 6,500 men and women have sold The Big Issue since it was launched 20 years ago.

The Swans players will compete against the other clubs to sell the most magazines and win The Big Isssue’s inaugural Footy Sales Challenge trophy. So while there’s always copies to buy, you should get out there and buy one today to help the Swans boys win.

VISIT: The corner of Oxford Street and Bronte Road at Bondi Junction from 5.30-6pm on Wednesday 7 December to purchase a copy of The Big Issue from Swans Harry Cunningham, Sam Murray and Tyrone Leonardis.

The Big Issue Christmas Edition is already on sale this month, right up to Christmas day, December 25th. It’s 8 pages longer than regular editions and features holiday wishes, written by Big Issue vendors, as well as a look into Australia’s housing shortages and an interview with Micky Dolenz from the Monkees.

Key Info:
Help Swans Harry Cunningham, Sam Murray and Tyrone Leonardis win The Big Issue Footy Sales Challenge!
Wednesday 7 December, 5.30-6pm
Corner of Oxford St and Bronte Road, Bondi Junction


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