Unwanted Richards finds a new home… in Sydney

Unwanted Richards finds a new home… in Sydney

In hilarious twist of fate for the younger brother of club favourite Ted Richards, Xavier has returned to Sydney in the most calamitous and embarrassing way possible, to play NEAFL with Sydney University.

Having already been cut by the Swans after his 11th hour appeal to Melbourne clubs so that he could live with his mom, Richards found himself derelict, floating up the metaphorical river, without a paddle, boat or life vest. University’s life line will no doubt give him pause, but the circumstances of his arrival at the club can only be considered as ridiculous.

What was behind the initial trade request is unknown, anyone’s best guess really. There were whispers of disruption and unease behind the scenes with how Ted was retired, but quite what really happened only Xavier knows. Here we are today, Xavier hilariously returning to Sydney.

Sydney University coach Tom Morrison was understandably delighted with the new recruit.

“It’s exciting for the club, and it’s a good sign for our NEAFL program that he was willing to sign with us,” he said.

“He obviously had a lot of other clubs from all over the country, in particular from Melbourne, chasing after his signature. It’s a bit of a feather in the cap for our program.

At least he’s back plying his trade where he does it best. I guess living in Sydney isn’t that expensive after all.


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