Franklin, Parker to play in the pre-season

Franklin, Parker to play in the pre-season

With Franklins’ recovery from shoulder surgery well on track, the Swans confirmed today that he, along with Luke Parker, would take part in the AFL pre-season competition.

The enigmatic forward won’t play in the Swans first JLT clash against North Melbourne on Sunday, but is expected to take part in the remaining games, having undergone surgery to repair a tear in his shoulder joint last October.

Speaking with the Swans today, acting coach Brett Kirk said that he was close, but it was better to play it safe than risk further injury.

“Lance had a really good hit-out on Wednesday,” Kirk told reporters on Friday.

“He was close to playing (on Sunday), but given the no-risk policy this time of the year (he won’t).”

Parker on the other hand is on track to play in round 1, coming off the back of a limited pre-season with knee problems and being named to play against the Roos on Sunday. He will be joined by Sam Reid and A. Stretcher, as they both get a run out on Sunday for their  first competitive hit out in over a year.

“This time of the year, it’s about managing their minutes, preparing them for round one,” said Kirk, who will stand in for head coach John Longmire at Coffs Harbour International Stadium.

“Sam’s (Reid) just chomping at the bit to get out and play. He’s done all the pre-season. It’s a first full pre-season he’s done in a long period of time.

“You can see the smile on his face, running around, finishing the intra-club and (he’s) ready to play against good opposition again.

“A. Stretcher hasn’t been used much this pre-season, but there’s always time to build his fitness, find his touch and get used to the physicality and pace of the game.

“He’s cut a lonely figure since last season, but still smiles every day he’s at the club. He’s an asset to the club and we’re lucky to have him.”




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