Franklin reveals Lockett influence

Franklin reveals Lockett influence

You can’t imagine a bigger name in AFL working with arguably the biggest name in AFL today, Lockett and Franklin. The legendary goal kicker is back working with the Swans, once a week, has already have a significant impact on Lance Franklin and Sam Reid.

But even the biggest drawcard in the AFL admits that he’s a little star struck by Lockett.

“Just having him down at the club, we have him down here once a week and then he came in game-day for our first round,” Franklin said.

“Having him around’s been pretty special and I’ve loved working with him and so have pretty much all the young fellas.

“It’s a great experience to have the greatest goal kicker of all-time coming here and teaching the boys their trade.

“The coaching tips he’s given me have been really good and hopefully I can kick a few straight ones.”

When asked to elaborate on any advice or words of wisdom the legendary forward has passed on, Franklin replied:

“We’ve kept it pretty simple for myself but it’s stuff that I know that (I’ve done wrong) when I’ve missed a goal.

“We’ve sat down and spoken about when I have missed a shot and what it’s looked like but we’ve kept it pretty simple for myself.”

All we can say here at The Swans Blog, keep doing what you’re doing Plugger, it’s working like a charm.


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