Tim Worner finally slides away into obscurity

Tim Worner finally slides away into obscurity

Worner, shamed and slammed in the public arena, and dragged through the media circus, has resigned as a director of the club. The Swans have released a media statement, short in content, although asserting that he has made valuable contributions.

“Tim has been an excellent Director and made a significant contribution to our football club in a short period of time,” Pridham said.

“However, Tim is obviously going through a very difficult period.

“We understand his decision to step down to avoid further distraction for the Club and to enable him to devote 100 per cent of his efforts to his professional and personal responsibilities.

“We thank him for his contribution and wish him the very best for the future.”

He voluntarily stepped aside earlier this year, when his relationship with his scorned ex lover exploded into scandal, thrashed out in the public arena, a distraction the Swans could ill afford. This was covered in yesterdays’ blog, discussing the prospect of the Swans L@SS supporter group rescinding their support of the club if action wasn’t taken.

Even though he made some pretty big mistakes, he stood up and took responsibility from the get-go, and offered his resignation at the start of the year. While it wasn’t accepted, the scrutiny around his media and football commitments intensified, to the point where his position was untenable.

That’s not support for his decision making, it was total shit and he let everyone down. At least he did the right thing and stepped away from the club and made it easier to transition.


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